The covenant two people make in marriage is a reflection of God's covenantal love. To this end we hope to partner with you by guiding you through God's design and principles for marriage through formal premarital counseling.
(Please allot a minimum of 10-15 minutes to complete this online form)
To apply for premarital counseling, at least one partner should be a member of ANCC. Please specify the First & Last name of the person who is currently a covenant member in good standing: *

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If previously married or widowed, please provide some details on how your previous marriage ended:

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Are there children involved? *

If there are children involved, with whom do they live?

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Are you currently a covenant member at All Nations Community Church (ANCC)? *

Covenant members are those who have complete the membership process and have committed to attending, connecting, tithing, serving, and partnering with ANCC.
What areas are you having a difficult time faithfully participating in as a member of the church? *

If you are not currently a member at ANCC, we still encourage you to describe some of those areas where we can partner with you in guiding you in a growing relationship with Jesus.

If you get married, do you plan on attending ANCC after your wedding? *

Why are you considering marriage? What is your hope in marriage? *

Please select your requested Premarital Counselor: *

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Would you like your Premarital Counselor to officiate your wedding as well? *

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If you are engaged and have established your wedding date and venue, please provide the following information:

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Your Premarital Counseling request has been submitted. We will contact you shortly to confirm your request and to follow up with any questions or concerns you may have about the process. If you need to make any changes please email us at:
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